Powerful CMS Engine
Our sites are powered by the WordPress content management system, giving you an extremely flexible platform to work within.

  • Add/Delete Pages
  • Edit Content (text and images)
  • Upload images
  • Change your slideshow, gallery or portfolio
  • Create new posts (if using that particular function or blog feature)
  • Add/Edit videos such as youtube
  • View website stats as admin.  See what people are searching and clicking on
  • RSS feeds, if you are posting, your customers can subscribe to feeds or have them sent as emails
  • SEO features, built right in!  making your website more search engine friendly
  • Update from ANYWHERE.  No more downloading or passing files. Online instant updates.

Text Control
Edit text within every page with ease.

Account Dashboard
View the most important information about your site on your Dashboard. Focus on what is important to you!

Is our basic package not enough for you? No need to worry! You can upgrade each section separately. (Ex. If you  just need more email accounts, you simply pay an additional fee for more accounts!)

Choose one of our pre-made templates, give us your content, and our designers will do the rest.

For those advanced users, you also have access to the HTML of the site. You can add your own CSS to make your site look exactly how you want. Alternatively, you can always go custom! Please contact the team at www.vndx.com for more information. We’d love to hear your ideas!

Get notified every time you have feedback from your forms.

Easy Content Editor
The text editor is a full featured rich text editor, allowing you to upload images, insert videos, or edit content with no knowledge of HTML or CSS required!

Custom Design
You don’t have time to set up your website? Or you want a design that’s specific to your business? We offer custom design program via our main company VND. Contact us for a quote now!

Automatic back-ups
Your data is always safe with OpenCentro. We run automatic backups to ensure your website’s data will always be safe and sound.

Great Support
Need help? Simply reach out to our Customer Support Team by sending a message or chat live.

Statistics & Analytics
Monitor and analyze your website traffic with Google Analytics – it is completely integrated with your site and sign up is easy.

Search Engine Optimization

Meta Tag Management
Tags are inserted in the heading section of your HTML code for search engines to know where and how to rank your site.

Submit to Search Engines
We will provide the step by step instructions for you to submit your site to search engines and directories.

Sitemap Creation
Google sitemaps is a powerful starting point that helps you ensure that all your site pages are listed in Google.

Custom Page URLs
You can set a friendly URL ending for your pages to something more relevant and easy to remember.

Page types
We can setup a variety of page types for you:

Basic web page
Allows you to enter text and images. This is the most common page type. You can pretty much do anything with this basic web page.

Contact information
This page allows you to enter the information for each person in your company or each branch.

Links Page
Easily create a list of links to pages either inside or outside of your site.

Maps Page
Make it easy for site visitors to find a specific location with the help of a Google Map embedded in your site.

Feedback form
You can easily create your own customized online forms to collect information from your customers. Submissions are stored right on your website for easy access.

Domain Name

Email Addresses
Create personalized email accounts that include your current domain name. Up to 5 accounts included.

Custom Domain Name
If you prefer to purchase a domain name from us we will automatically attach it to your site and manage it for you. The renewal will be automatic so you don’t have to worry about losing your domain name.

Outside Domain Name
If you already own your domain name, you can use it with your OpenCentro site by transferring the domain name to our powerful backend or by direct DNS to our servers.

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